Yes I can do things for you!

Oh yes it’s true! If you are so sweet and do find any of my work interesting or you’d like me to make something similar or even completely different for you personally or for commercial purpose please contact me via the specific contact form at the end of this page. Even if you’re unsure if I can achieve what you need – it won’t hurt to just ask.

Oh the things I can do? Well, well darlings: 

  • Business cards
  • Logos/Icons/Banners
  • E-Book Covers – Digital and Illustrated
  • Personalised Greeting Cards
  • Invitations
  • Booklets – Informational etc.
  • Illustrations and hand made art work
  • Small Visual Merchandising Products

Got a challenge for mée?

If you have a special request, maybe you’re stuck for an idea for a gift or just are that darn curious to see what I can do – just ask! I am very open to challenges and to life’s little pickles. We can work it out together!

Examples of work – well you do want to see that what I do is actually good don’t you?

Under the hire mée button in the menu, as you hover on this button a drop down menu shall appear saying ‘aimée’s portfolio’ – this is where you’ll find completed pieces of work I’ve done for people.

Seal the deal?

Prices for products and services haven’t yet been determined but I’m sure we can personally work out something – otherwise I don’t mind being paid in chocolate coins… hehe

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