Continuing with the second semester of work, the main assessment for the unit had us planning TWO shoots simultaneously. These shoots were to be two separate rooms – a kitchen and bedroom both with different trends and clients. The two trends included Neo-Geo and Next Nature; one a very raw, textural and masculine environment and the later, a feminine, floral and botanical feel. The first shoot was the bedroom, to be shot inside our University building in a spare room and the second in our communal kitchen/break area.

As seen in my interior mock up post (click here to be magically taken to post), the bedroom was created for a middle aged single man and to the trend of ‘Neo Geo’ – this is the client profile and room statement my group created for the task:

Client Profile

Jackson Miller is a 36 year old single male from Brunswick who lives a fast paced lifestyle that revolves around the music industry, promoting modern rock bands. Recently returning home from the Kings of Leon tour, road tripping around the US and the UK; he has collected many retro treasures and fashions to add to his expanding collection. As well as being fashion conscious he enjoys entertaining in his apartment, loves retro furniture and colour.

Concept Statement

A bedroom designed solely for urban relaxation and escaping a fast paced lifestyle. Decorated with minimalistic direction, this room combines organic textures with contemporary pieces to create a masculine environment. Incorporating wooden furniture, animal hides and hints of ethic pattern as well as reconstructed pieces and rustic accents. Rugged elements and the ancient outdoors form the central vein of this tactile bedroom.


The Double Page Spread: NeoGeo Bedroom

Neo Geo Bedroom Spread

NeoGeo Bedroom Single Page & Vignettes

Neo Geo Bedroom Spread2

The Kitchen was to be styled for a young fabric designer with the Next Nature trend. This shoot also had to include a DIY bespoke element which was hand crafted and made by us. It also had to include a blueprint of the object. I was quite sick for the production weeks of this shoot but made as much input as I could with the designing and collecting materials for the shoot. Here are the client and concept statements.

Client Profile

Jade Millin is a 28 year old single woman living in north fitzroy. Jade is an avid traveler and spends her spare time entertaining and illustrating fabric designs. Her casual lifestyle is reflected in her cosy colourful kitchen dining and incorporates a small working area to accommodate for her creative profession of fabric design. Jade has an appreciation for feminine floral print and modern organic furniture.

Concept Statement

This apartment kitchen aims to embody a visual exuberance to match the inspired creativity of the client.This will be evident in the bright colours, prints and textures of organic shapes and forms.The use of overgrown embellishments and scientific instruments dominate the scene and stand out as the features of the urban cultured space.The contrast between these items and the clients feminine colour palette work together to create a dense decorative environment.


Next Nature Opening Spread

Next Nature Kitchen Spread

Next Nature Single Page & Vignettes

Next Nature Kitchen Spread2



Overall this photo shoot was my favorite out of all the shoots I’ve done during the course. I’ve discovered how much I LOVE interior styling and design and can’t wait to do similar projects outside my course. At the moment I have been looking into doing an online short course with Coco Republic in interiors and colour picking after I finish my bachelors as I have really enjoyed this side of design.

As I said to my teachers during the assessment presentation: Furniture doesn’t need make up or told to pose. 


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