After helping out my aunty with her daughter’s birthday party, one of her friend’s mother’s asked me to style and run her daughters upcoming birthday as a paid job! At her request she asked me to essentially decorate the entrance to the house and the kitchen/living area, help with the cake, as well as organising a few craft activities and games for the girls to do for 3 hours. As Sienna is quite girly, she also requested that the activities to include glitter, sparkles and more glitter. So with 4 weeks till the party I grabbed my iPad and Pintrested like crazy for a few hours then ran off to spotlight and lombards to gather supplies.

This was one of my most exciting and nerve racking styling experiences as it was

a) a real paid job

b) my first REAL event styling job

c) There were going to be 18 small girls waiting to be entertained.

For the activities I kept it simple with:

  • Lace Crown Making
  • Chocolate Crackle Making (Jamie Oliver Style)
  • Party Bag Making
  • Classic party games


For the decorating, I created a flowing, pink and white entrance to create a princess like canopy as well as
helium balloons and garlands of fabric ribbon around the kitchen table and windows in the lounge area.

Lace Crowns

I split them up into three groups and had myself, the mum and the older sister of the birthday girl, supervise each activity. The Lace Crowns were done with myself and included decorating pointed lace trimming with gold spray paint and coloured glitter and using fabric stiffener to make crowns (this idea I found on Pintrest).

Chocolate crackle involved melting down blocks of chocolate and laying out baking paper, the girls then got to swirl the chocolate on to their own sheet and then create chocolate paintings using coloured sugar crystals then I dyed with food colouring and flavoured with rose water, strawberry, vanilla and peppermint essence. We then put the paintings in the freezer then after they set, broke them up into small pieces and placed into small paper bags.


These craft items, along with small goodies and lollies were then put into bigger paper bags which the girls decorated with more glitter and paint with Sienna’s older sister Alexandra. I bought sponge letters and shapes to dip into paint so that they could stamp their names on to the bags.

The girls really enjoyed the party and from the feedback I got from my family friend, a lot of the parents were impressed with what I came up with for 3 hour and a small budget so I was pretty proud! I was just thankful that I didn’t hear any ‘I’m boredddd’ whines coming from the girls! This event experience was fantastic for my first one, I got paid a nice amount of money for a student stylist and I got to take my own bag of chocolate home!


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