Now moving into Semester 2 of Second Year! This unit of the course was based on interior design and interior styling, in this area of design we looked at using Vectorworks to draw interiors and floor plans, studied colour picking and furniture matching as well as creating real estate catalogues for apartments.

For the digital class, which included practical lessons in photoshop, we were assigned a kitchen and bedroom to style; this connected with our main assessment for the semester which was to style these two rooms for two different clients using two different fashion trends.

This small task was to create a digital mock up of the three rooms from the ‘Neo Geo’ Trend, using images from furniture stores. The apartment was to be designed for a single middle aged man who enjoyed music and retro furniture – and had to include a master bedroom, ensuite and kitchen. The outline of the rooms seen in these images are actual photographs I took of the space at my university that we were assigned to do the actual room shoot in later in the semester. I used Adobe Illustrator to outline the main aspects of the room then Photoshop to add in the wall colours and furniture. It was such an entertaining task as picture of furniture don’t cost a thing! So it was awesome to let my budget and luxurious taste run wild without the dreaded bill.

Bedroom_AMEADE Bedroom_AMEADE Kitchen


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