This shoot was connected to the Sports Luxe Shoot but carried a different theme and brief. As a team, we were to create fictional celebrity who we’d style a personality shoot for and to accompany, an interview and a promotional video for the magazine’s website. The celebrity did need to have a ‘couple’ theme in it and relate to a sport as well. We created a unique duo – a champion boxer and his tattoo artist. We chose a 1940’s New York theme to go with a dark colour palette and focused on creating an underground, grunge feel for Numero magazine. Sourcing most items of clothing from op shops and vintage stores, we also managed to employ a model who owned a tattoo gun and had an impressive collection of tattoos already on him, so we were quite in luck. I LOVED this shoot, it was so dark and mysterious and fun to style.

Here are a the two double page spreads from the shoot.

Double Page CelebrityDouble Page Celebrity2

This was the interview I wrote for my editorial:

Celebrity Profile: Thomas “Bronx” Gideon Davenport

“Would you like a bit of this in you’re coffee ma’am?” asks a soft stubble covered face emerging from behind a vintage art deco folding screen; a distressed leather covered flask in his hand, gesturing to my Starbucks. I can’t help but let out a giggle that sends my cheeks a blushed red. “I’ll have to pass on that one but thank you Thomas”. As he approaches, his timeless tailored bohemian aura fills the small hotel room in which we are cooped up in, away from the rainy Brooklyn day. I stand to shake his hand when I am taken aback by the lovely gesture of having my hand lifted for a gentle kiss that I was hardly prepared for. I blush again and wait for him to make himself comfortable in the burgundy velour armchair. “By that lovely dress you’ve got on you’re not here for a tattoo so what is it that you’d like to know about me ma’am?” he smiles with his signature crooked grin.

Born Thomas Gideon Davenport, in a small strip of government housing in Brooklyn, this 28 year old had what he calls “the anti-Brooklyn” upbringing.

“I never played outside, shot hoops or roamed the Brooklyn streets like the rest of the kids in my neighbourhood, I was cooler; I stayed inside with my gran” he smiles childishly.

“She was my childhood [my gran], we’d play old records and I’d dress up in my pop’s old costumes, which were these amazingly tailored clothes from the 1920’s that he’d been given from the theatre that he had acted with for many years before he passed”. Thomas rubs a bit of lint off his bowler hat and continues.

“I think that’s where I got it from, all that music, stories and the clothes but most of all these drawings my pop kept in an old cigar box, his and some he’d collected from around the world, that’s where I got the crazy to have all these” [Gesturing to the impressive sleeves of colourful tattoos on his arms and hands]. Only a fraction of the many others he exhibits on his built body.

Based solely in Brooklyn in an underground apartment, Thomas “Bronx” – a name given to him by his friends when he started tattooing in New York – has created a rather commendable list of clients. I ask Thomas what is it about him that is drawing more and more A-List stars (the likes of Lady Gaga, Prince and Johnny Depp) to his business that many artists would die for?

“I really don’t know ma’am, I think its just a bit of luck and well I guess I’m really not all the bad at drawing” he chuckles. Our time together is almost up (Today he’ll be flying out to Los Angeles to ‘tatt’ the infamous Johnny Knoxville) so I quickly ask him who his favourite client is.

“Boxers ma’am. Definitely Boxers. I draw a lot of my energy and inspiration from them. Their stories, passion and lives are just incredible. One day I was to be able to embody an aura and perspective just like theirs. I wish I were a boxer in the 1920’s. Now that’d be rad”

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