Our main root assignment for Semester Two for second year styling revolved around a fashion photo shoot for an editorial. Based on the seasonal trend of ‘Sports Luxe’ combined with reference to a chosen sport and colour palette, we had to work in groups of four and also incorporate some DIY make into the garments used in the shoot.

Numero Cover

We created six different looks that revolved around Medieval Jousting combined with a futuristic and luxe sportswear trend direction. The given colour palette introduced powdered pastels to our shoot through make up and hair to add a touch of subtle electric colours. The DIY aspect came through the make of some garments and sourcing some pieces from Op Shops.

Double Page ArmaturaWe focused on leather, chains and avante garde couture inspired materials to create these looks as well as our own accessories which ranged from metal spiked bracelets, rose headbands and heavy metal jewellery. As well as a studio shoot we followed up with a location shoot in an alley way just on the outskirts of the Melbourne CBD. This gave us more images to choose from and more potential for our overall shoot.

Double Page Spread2This was a challenging assignment as a group, it was testing to our work habits and ethic as individuals and I did learn quite a bit about myself and my peers. I was although extremely happy with the result of the garments and the images though and thoroughly enjoyed creating something dark and high end.


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