Coming into my second year of my course, this assignment was created with our own briefs and creative control. IMG_2823 We were instructed to research a specific technique and style of illustration and communicate a personal a series of illustration in the medium of our choice as well as an accompanying product that related to the theme of the illustrations.

The aim I had chosen included creating 4 fashion illustration pieces and a collection of 4 brooches that follow a chosen theme of fragility, femininity and texture. The pieces aim to display an understanding of the design principles and elements through a series of illustrations and creations.

For the presentation folio, I ended up creating a series of watercolour paintings that were embellished with details made by a sewing machine and fresh nature to create a juxtaposition of textures. The drawings are centred upon the previously mentioned theme of fragility and texture, which inspirations derived from a personal childhood book of mine called “Lady Cottingtons’ Pressed Fairy Book” – a collection of watercolour paintings of fairys. The aim is to combine these two elements in four illustration of fairy like models in high-end couture that has been inspired by the Spring Couture 2012 collection by Elie Saab and Fashion illustrator David Downton. To personalize the collection, I created a brand  with swing tags made to match and apply to the IMG_2824brooches.

This assignment had so much more potential if I had allocated more time to perfecting my illustrations, but I must admit it was a bad semester for me time management wise but I did get a fairly good grade. Something to work on for the future – but it was a fun and personal piece of work.

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